Tastes great. 9 grams of greens per serving. USDA Organic. Low price.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING About Hella Nutrition

powerful superfood blend packed with micro-nutrients.

Hella Greens is the perfect whole-food sourced, powerful, superfood blend. Its packed with micronutrients, vitamins, and a potent mushroom complex.

Hella Greens serves you your greens with wheat grass, kale, moringa, oat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spinach, broccoli, chlorella, spirulina, cabbage, and parsley.

This would probably taste really gross if you tried to make it yourself because It's got hella veggies!

But we did an amazing job and it tastes incredible! Hella Greens is the easy way to get your greens in, anytime, anywhere.

What Our Customers Say About our Hella Greens | Superfood Blend

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Aarin Maughan (Salt Lake City, UT)

Hella Greens | Superfood Blend

Charlie (Rochester, MN)
Once you go hella greens, you never go back

I've tried many different iterations of green superfood blends, and Hella Greens is by far the best tasting. None of the other supergreens I've tried are palatable on their own, but Hella Greens is not gritty and actually tastes hella good when just dissolved in water. I dilute mine in a 32 ounce tumbler and sip it over the course of the day in lieu of plain water. Best of all, it boasts no artificial colors, flavors or sweetners, and no sugar. The only thing that could be improved upon would be adding digestive enzymes. I mix mine with a powdered gut supplement from a different nutritional supplement company to help with digestion.

R. (Pinson, AL)
Hella morning

Wonderful!!! Gives me energy and focus and makes me feel great overall. I do not like hot chocolate but I can get past that for all the good it does.
Highly recommend!

Anna Weisensee (Colorado Springs, CO)

This product is wonderful! It did take my body sometime to adjust to the product, but I have seen wonderful results. I have more energy and feel so much better after taking the product. I do notice it does help with bloating and GI issues.

Lisa S.

Love them! I feel a distinct positive difference when I drink them! I’m on my second container and will keep going!